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Find your most favourable PG Accommodations with one seater, two seater, three seater and 4 seater sharing rooms by PGBooker

1/2/3/4 sharing

PGBooker offers different types of PG sharing rooms such as one seater, two seater, three seater and four seater and it choice by people what they wish to select from as per as their needs.

Girls PG

Our Girls PG Accommodations are very safe and comfortable, provides them all amenities which sure cover their basic necessities every day.

Boys PG

Our Boys PG Accommodations makes each boy feels very comfortable and most thrilling stay.

nearest to Metro station.

Our five star PG Accommodations are very close to metro stations and adjacent to entire conveniences in every state.

Zero brokerage

We offer 100% zero brokerage services in our all PG Accommodations in India, that has no any brokerage charge at all.

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find PG Accommodations

You can find PG Accommodations almost all states and regions.
Our user friendly web services allow you to search your own choice Paying guest houses all over India.
With our easy and fast navigation on your web you can search PG everywhere you want to stay in comfort and more convenient ways.
We at PGBooker offer world-class and luxurious PG Accommodation almost most of states and regions that meet up your whole necessities.

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I truly very thankful to PGBooker that offered me tremendous PG Accommodation in and unknown place of Noida, where I had been there almost 2 years and that accommodation is really very comfortable safe.



I am still continuing my living in Delhi's PG Accommodations by PGBooker, that has offered me all those amenities what I exactly wished and wanted. My stay is really very safe and sound.

Vivek Gupta


PGBooker is such as peace and comfortable places for me that helped me to provide such a clean and world-class PG Accommodations in Mumbai at very cost-effective rate. With luxury and luxury amenities in such paying guest room in Mumbai is too tough, but PGBooker did it and I really hats off PGBooker.



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